Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

How can we use information technology to benefit our society and planet?

Students at Keio University SFC pursue questions like this in their quest to make positive changes to society on a global scale.

To help them achieve their goals, we provide our students with opportunities to conduct research alongside experts, as well as explore a varied, yet connected range of courses based on advanced interdisciplinary education. Our professors reinforce this initiative by encouraging students to push the boundaries of existing fields and pioneer new arenas.

Digital information exchange, in particular, is an area that will continue to present a wealth of exciting challenges for many generations to come. With this in mind, SFC’s Faculty of Environment and Information Studies has offered the Global Information and Governance Academic (GIGA) Program to international students since 2011. This program combines English-taught lectures with hands-on experiences that focus on information and communication technology. The goal of the program is to train students to become leaders who can translate skills in more traditional areas, such as physical and medical studies, into advanced methods that can be applied to solving the problems of the future.

Students of the GIGA Program are part of a university community that welcomes diversity in culture, religion, ethnicity, and perspective – after all, there are no boundaries in an information society. Our campus has international students from more than 25 countries and regions, and many of our Japanese students are overseas returnees. This open-minded atmosphere continues to inspire student ventures, reinforcing SFC’s reputation as a center of entrepreneurship and innovation.

At Keio University SFC, where the humanities and sciences merge, we look forward to guiding students not only to contribute to the future of society, but also fearlessly lead it to newer and greater heights. We welcome all interested students and their families to visit and explore our campus.

With warmest regards,

Jun Murai
Dean of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies