Journal » Plans to Rebuild Hiyoshi Commemorative Hall

Almost 60 years have passed since the Hiyoshi Commemorative Hall was completed in 1958. In 2008, there were plans to rebuild the hall as part of the university’s 150th Anniversary Commemorative Project. However, they were postponed in 2009. The hall was made earthquake-proof and has been used up to now, but the university has reopened plans to rebuild it.

The plans to rebuild the hall will basically follow those made before the postponement in 2009. However, details will be examined from now on.
When completed, the new building will have five floors above ground and one below (the current building has three floors above ground and one below) and will have a greatly increased seating capacity of around 10,000 (currently 6,500). The size of the arena will be enlarged and improvements will be made to expand its use as an indoor sports facility.

Facilities to hold the entrance and commencement ceremonies, student and alumni events, physical education classes, practice for the Keio University Athletic Association’s sports clubs, etc., during construction are currently being considered. They will be notified as they are decided.

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